Front and back

Eating is an act that is shared with people and not individual action. This is social action which is based on principle that control their mutual interaction between people.
Therefore I focused on the receiving and serving a tea bowl at a tea-ceremony party in Japan. The tea ceremony utensils has the front and the back, which is served pointing it toward a guest by a host. It is said that this behavior is a kind of consideration of the host that is the side looked all the finer in a tea bowl is pointed at a guest. Being based on this thoughtfulness at a tea-ceremony party, I propose the tableware which make someone feel inclined to be conscious of pointing one towards one’s companion from distinguishing their form between the side a host has and the side a host points it toward the guest. I made the front and the back have each discrete roles since I think the tableware should be held with hands, and I want someone to feel difference of the form by their touching.